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The Ximdex Platform provides tools for simultaneous management of data and content through services such as intelligent search engines, concept recommendation, information aggregators, editors, image and text recognition, analysis and visualization.

The Ximdex Platform allows you to add remote sources of information, which will normalize and transform the data, creating a new model by using semantic technologies, in order to provide personalized access to the information through the products and services provided.

With the Ximdex Platform, you can access your information simply and at a lower cost, allowing you to quickly mix different sources of data, improve them, transform them, and adapt them to current and future needs.

Ximdex Platform

The Ximdex Platform
Intelligent Search Concept Recomendation Linked Open Data Analize and visualize Data Content and Data Management System


These services allow you to aggregate, edit, normalize, identify named entities, enrich content, transform, expand, retrieve, and publish data, from both structured and unstructured sources. You will be able to pull relevant information, share it, analyze it, and visualize it.

Use our tools to connect to remote sources of information and create a smart model for your data, automatically adding a semantic layer in order to get the best experience in information retrieval, reuse and deployment of content, services and data.

Smart Search

Improve your searches with our semantic technologies...

Access information simply and precisely, retrieving and reusing it while saving time and money. It's based on previously-semanticized information, organizing data by concepts, relationships, smart searches, etc.

Concept Recommender

Automatically identifies entities, tags, relationships, and concepts of your content...

The platform uses them to suggest news, reports, texts, datasets, links, or similar images in the corpus of information. Extract, analyze, and link from your data to public or private information.

Linked Open Data

Improve your information with linked data ...

Publish datasets from remote data sources with real-time transformations, automatic generation of distributions and datasets, simplifying information management and connecting with new sources of information.

Big Data

Store and Analyze large quantities of data ...

Aggregate large quantities of information such as social network data, establish relationships between different sources of structured or non-structured information, and analyze it easily and simply with the Ximdex Platform.

Multichannel CMS & DMS

Publish through flow of information to the cloud ...

Taking advantage of the rest of the services, the multi-format, multi-channel, and multi-platform capabilities of Ximdex CMS+DMS allow you to publish on any channel of communication, deploy B2B, B2C, and B2M applications, with any technology and using a management system for semantic information that enters into the world of smartdata, managing your information with a single, integrable platform for collaborative editing of data and XML content.

Data AnalYsis and visualization

Increase information retrieval with our tools for exploration and analysis ...

Visualization of information is a key factor in content and data management. The services provided by the Ximdex Platform include tools in the cloud designed for collaborative data editing as well as visualization and analysis.


Our Users

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos
Administración General del Estado
Castilla La Mancha
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Escuela de Organización Industrial
Junta de Andalucía
Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla
Reestructuración Minera Reactivacion Comarcal
Instituto Español de Oceanografía
Universidad de Sevilla
Junta de Extremadura


They use Ximdex technology to create solutions with a high added value in their fields, especially in regards to scalability, performance, and usability.


By participating in R&D projects, we gain access to emerging technologies that we are able to apply to our products, helping us to automatize the task of structuring and improving information systems, increasing security and scalability and simplifying the processes involved in data and content management .

Xlabs develops innovative components and services that are able to extract concepts from texts, relate them via machine-learning techniques, or improve content by suggesting related images.

Furthermore, this technology is able to identify relevant entities from aggregated information in real time. For example, this aids us in the analysis of social networks, the management of large repositories of data, and to automatically synthesize web and data portals and applications for mobile devices to help users to explore and visualize the information.

These components provide the Ximdex platform with the ability to manage data and content, connect them with the source data, store them securely, transform and adapt them, share and visualize them by using concept relation filters, etc.

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In today's marketplace, corporations need to access information quickly and in a personalized way, with a sustainable cost. As well, they need to unify and simplify this access, allowing them to have an overall view of their business activities, one that uses all the sources of information at their disposal.

Open-Ximdex-Evolution develops cloud applications for content and data management, following the latest standards of the W3C Consortium. These allow companies to manage, update, and retrieve information from their data sources, share and publish relevant and contextualized data, all in a way that is secure and scalable, accessible through multiple devices and channels at minimum cost.

"Our products are developed by looking for something that adds significantly to the user's experience and by applying constant technical assistance that guarantees that it continues to be aligned with their needs"

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